A finish (and an eeeeeep)

First, the finish. The “Touch of yellow” quilt is done. I really struggled with finding a name for it (not least because Kelly insisted on calling it the “50 shades of perv” quilt). I don’t normally name quilts at all, but I wanted to enter it into Quiltcon so I had to come up with something. So, may I introduce “Fracture” (sorry, Kelly).

It’s 36 inches square and made using 10 kona solids (black, pepper, charcoal, steel, iron, ash, canary, papaya, maize and corn yellow). It’s a bugger to photograph because of the huge difference in value and the low contrast between the groups of dark greys. Thank goodness for photoshop. It’s tied, rather than quilted, with the stitches made from the back in colours that match the quilt top. I love the way that the back of the quilt kind of echoes the pattern of colours on the front (and that the ties are practically invisible on the piecing). I knew that having a ridiculously large collection of embroidery threads would come in handy eventually.

So there it is. Not “the pervy quilt”. Although the ties go well with the theme. 

Now, the eeeeeeep. I’m so excited that my little hexy mug rug has made it to the final of the Festival of Hexagons. It’s in extraordinarily excellent company with lots of fantastically gorgeous things. I feel a bit like an impostor, to be honest. Anyway, go check out the finalists and vote for your favourite, here.

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