Small miracles

Lilly’s little memory quilt is finished. It came together pretty quickly in the end, once all the interfacing and fussy cutting was done. Blimey, sewing knits to regular woven cotton is tricky. Even with the stabilising influence of the interfacing there was still a fair bit of stretching and wriggling going on. I have never been more thankful for my walking foot!

The quilting is really simple squares, stitched in the ditch. It’s quite heavy and I wanted it to stay as cuddly and soft as possible. I broke a bit of a personal rule and machine finished the binding for a change. I figured that it would be getting a lot of use, and if I waited until I had time to hand finish it then Lilly would be about 37.

I took a sneaky day off from work and puppy duties yesterday to go to the Festival of Quilts. It was a lovely day out, although I will admit to feeling a little bit disappointed with the competition quilts. We need to stage an invasion next year, I think. The level of skill on show was amazing, particularly in the minis (tiny TINY flying geese, about 3 mm high. Seriously – how is that even possible?) but it would be lovely to see more modern quilts on show. Roll on Quiltcon!

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