A little extra something

It’s almost time to send off the Brit Quilt Swap mini quilt (assuming I can bear to let it go), so I snuck a bit of time yesterday to make a little extra something. I thought a pouch might be in order (not least because you can stuff it full of sweeties), so pulled out some scraps and put together another Perfect Zip Bag. I really love this pattern – it is so well written and easy to follow. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting to try zips for the first time. 

Anyhoo, once I had finished it I decided that, actually, I really really needed to keep it. It’s perfect for all the extraneous handbag crap (headphones, keys to my grandma’s flat, car key, pencil, moo cards, shiv) that normally floats around and gets lost in the black hole that is my bag.

Luckily I had a couple of big-balled purse frames knocking around from the FQ retreat, so I whipped up a quick Summersville purse instead. I hope it goes down well. Maybe I’ll shove a bar of chocolate in it to sweeten the deal.

We’ll have to see how kind I am feeling. And how hungry.

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