Kaleidoscope Crush

I’ve met some lovely people through the London Modern Quilt Guild. It’s incredible how quickly you can bond with people when you have something in common. Even though the group has been going for just seven months I have made some fantastic friends. 

Pennie has tried to steal my innocent crush mini on several occasions, which is hilarious (and pretty flattering). Last week she asked me if I could make her a little quilt with a jelly roll that she had managed to find on Etsy. It’s funny, because before she asked me I had spent a couple of weeks unsuccessfully trying to find a layer cake so that I could surprise her with a leeetle something.

The love emblem pattern needs bigger pieces than 2.5 inches wide, so I decided to make a teeny kaleidoscope quilt instead. In retrospect this might have been a bit bonkers. Each block has 12 pieces, and they finish at 4 inches across, but if you don’t look too closely then you can pretend that all the points meet perfectly. Ahem.

I hope she likes it, because I plan to try to steal it from her if I ever go to her house. Revenge is sweet.

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