This could take a while

After the craziness that was the last week I finally found some time yesterday to finish the fifth ring for my Bloom and baste them all onto the background. I went with grey for the outer ring in the end, so my plans for a light grey background got changed to pale blue. I’m slightly freaked out that it isn’t white, but I’m trying to get over it. 

It took pretty much the whole evening (about 5 hours) to applique the first ring, and I started on the second one (red/orange) this morning. I am usually really crap about using the correct needle – I use size 9 sharps for pretty much everything – but actually invested in some proper applique needles for this. And WOW, what a difference! They are really fine and slightly flexible, so it’s possible to end up with almost invisible stitches. I always thought I was rubbish at applique. Turns out I just didn’t have the correct tool for the job. That’s a lesson well learned.

I’m using the wonderful Aurifil 50, which is so smooth that I haven’t had a single problem with snagging. Pretty impressive given that I am really lazy and always use way too long a piece of thread so that I don’t have to tie loads of knots. 
I’m really hoping to get the stitching finished this week so that I can baste at the weekend. I’d better stock up on spray baste – I have a feeling this baby could use a couple of cans!

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