Quick question

When does a collection become an obsession?

This is my hoard of Denyse Schmidt fabrics. Well, the pieces that are big enough to fold. I have a whole bag of Hope Valley scraps and assorted other bits hiding in a drawer. Hope Valley is my favourite ever line, I think, and I am getting a bit nervous that I don’t have an entire, untouched FQ set to stroke use. I found myself rummaging around Etsy last night looking for Katy Jump Rope. Seriously, I need to get a grip.

Fun, and a lovely lunch, was had by all at John Lewis yesterday when some of the LMQG went to see the mini quilt exhibition.

They look so fab, in spite of the assorted mistakes in the labelling (typos, missing names, the same name more than once). I think it is pretty impressive that we have an exhibition just six months after the first guild meeting. We will take over the world (insert evil laughter here)!!!!!!!

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