Last minute panic sewing

I decided, pretty much at the last minute, that I can’t possibly go to the retreat without an assortment of pouches to hold my sewing guff. Just so we are clear, I’m not suggesting for a moment that I took a sneaky morning away from work to do this, and that I am now in a blind panic trying to get everything done before we go away next week. No, that would be irresponsible of me.

Anyhoo, moving on…

I desperately needed (ahem) a sewing kit, so had a go at the one from the Zakka Style book. It’s perfect. Nice and small, but holds all the necessaries. I added a popper to the large pocket so that things wouldn’t slide out when it was closed, and enlarged the pockets slightly from the pattern (3.5 inches deep, rather than 3). I screen printed my name so no one can nick it. I know what you quilty people are like 😉

After that I realised I absolutely must have a little pouch for my hand quilting supplies. I’m planning on working on my mum’s quilt between classes, so wanted to be able to keep everything together. And a plastic ziplock bag just wasn’t cutting it, frankly. This is style C from the marvellous Perfect Zip Pouch pattern by Elizabeth. And it is. Perfect, I mean. I used one of my screen printed labels on the inside. That just leaves me with another 99 999 to use on lots of other unnecessary items.

Ok, I really must get on with work or I’ll be editing at the retreat, and that would just be depressing! See (some of) you tomorrow!!!

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