A little grubby, but alive

Well, as expected, it rained for quite a lot of our trip. Luckily we had enough clothes with us, and the wood-burning stove did a fantastic job of drying the coats and wellies. The kids had a great time helping out with the farm animals and really enjoyed having the freedom to disappear for hours on end, in spite of the weather. That was the main reason for going, to be honest. I wanted them to be able to come and go as they pleased – it’s not something that they have the opportunity to do when we are at home. On the last night there was a massive gale and a tree came down in the forest about 50 yards away from our tent. That was pretty scary, and in retrospect we were a bit bonkers for staying. Most of the other families legged it earlier in the day after they heard the forecast, sensibly. Anyway, we survived, and made it home to do the inevitable fifty-seven loads of laundry.

I took my mum’s quilt with me and spent hours quilting by candlelight. I felt all pioneer woman or Victorian Farm, or something. It is now finished and washed, and I think it looks lovely. I’m glad I got it done in time for mum’s birthday (today), although she will only get it when she comes to visit next week. After taking photos I laid it on a chair for a minute and the cat immediately jumped up and got comfortable. She seems to have some kind of homing instinct for freshly washed quilts. Rachel calls it “quilt nav”.

Now that’s finished, I’ve been thinking about the mahoosive Bloom quilt that I am making for our bed, and have come to the conclusion (after discussion with Aneela at the retreat) that I should add another ring to the dresden. I was worried that it might otherwise look a bit small on the king size background. Of couse, this meant a day spent doing maths and cutting paper into wedge shapes, but I think I have figured it out. The fifth ring will be 55 inches across, and I am going to make it in grey so will need to think of an alternative background colour from the pale grey I was going to use. Maybe a very pale blue or something. Definitely not white. Again. I am nothing if not predictable!

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