First of many, I hope

Today Rachel and I spent the day sewing, together. This was her first foray into dressmaking. It is surprisingly difficult to find patterns for kids her age (12 and over). All the lovely modern kids clothes only go up to age 9 or so, and then there is hardly anything available until adult sizes. After a good deal of rummaging around on websites we settled on Simplicity 2689, made up in this gorgeous fabric. And finally, with the two little ones at camp, we had a day to ourselves.

It’s been a long time since I made clothes (like, oh, about 20 years) and I was a little rusty, to say the least. The instructions really are written in another language and it felt very strange using such an enormous seam allowance. We managed it though, and she is really happy with the fit. I drew a heart on the inside of the back yoke, because of course there is no label to work out which way round it goes. And also, the love thing.

It’s pretty good for a little light trampolining, too.

In other news, she loved her birthday quilt. I don’t have a single photo of her opening it because I was too busy watching her with my actual eyes instead of from behind a camera. Shocking, I know!

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