Do you think I could get away with keeping it?

I’ve finished my doll quilt for the DS Quilts swap, and I love it so much I don’t want to let it go. It is pretty heavily hand quilted (along the edge of all 160 fan blades, plus a fair bit of echo quilting) so it has come out of the wash looking beautifully textured. It used literally every tiny scrap that I had of these precious fabrics, and finished a tiny bit bigger than it should have (20 inches square, rather than 18). I hope I don’t get reported to the quilt swap police.

The pattern is from this book by Sarah Fielke, adapted slightly so there was more empty space around each fan. That is how it looked in the picture, but I think there was a mistake in the pattern because it originally came out with them much closer together. As I discovered after I had appliqued three blocks. Luckily I hadn’t done all 16.

I hope that my partner loves it too. It looks pretty good on my living room wall – I might have to make another one for me, if I can face the idea of all that applique again!

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