I may have said this before

I really hate keeping secrets!
The London Fat Quarterly retreat is coming up in June (make time go faster!) and Trash has organised a little sample swap. Basically, people are randomly assigned to groups of five and everyone makes four of the same item to swap with the other members of the group. We won’t know who is in our group until the day of the retreat, so there is no stalking to be done. This is both liberating and scary.
I’ve made quilted coasters for people before. I like the way that they are absorbent and don’t do that annoying thing where they stick to the bottom of your cup and then fall off with a loud clatter that makes the cat jump off your lap. Anything that prevents the cat jumping off your lap has to be good, right?

I thought that I would use selvedges, because who else would appreciate them other than a load of fabric obsessed quilty types. I’ve been saving my selvedges for ages. I don’t get that many because I tend to only buy fat quarters, but there were enough to piece the fronts of four sets of coasters.
The first set is finished, and the others are sitting and looking at me. I like the way that they fit together like a puzzle – I made a 10 inch square and then cut it into four pieces for each set. 

I might make a little drawstring bag to put them in, but I guess I should try to keep at least something a surprise!

In other news, I made a(nother) Figure 8 scarf last week. The last one was made with flannel and it is perfect on days that are not too freezing, but the lovely Annie at the Village Haberdashery is selling special ‘scarf cuts’ of Loulouthi velveteen and matching voiles. Annie knew I was on the lookout for some and emailed me to let me know that it was in stock. Of course I couldn’t stop at just the scarf materials. She’s a smart girl!

Sewing this up was so quick and easy thanks to the perfect cutting, and now my neck is toasty on even the coldest of days. I don’t know about you, but I find that if my neck is warm the rest of me follows. And you can’t get much cosier than this!

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