Love is pain

Paper piecing gives me a headache. There is not a single seam in this tiny little quilt (just 17 inches square) that wasn’t ripped at least once. Fabric the wrong side up. Pieces that I swear were big enough suddenly, stubbornly, refusing to cover the whole paper. And when you rip a seam you rip the paper. Sigh.

Not to mention my least favourite part. Where you end up with a table covered in tiny little bits of shredded paper.

But then, the end result makes it all worth it. The pointiest of points. The making possible what would ordinarily be impossible (at least for a slapdash sewer like me). 

The pattern is by Anna Maria Horner, and originally called for straightforward piecing. The idea of cutting a whole load of precise shapes with loads of bias edges scared me so I went for what I thought would be easier and converted to foundation piecing. It worked, but not without a good deal of swearing.

And I love it

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